About me Jedediah Bennett

Its me Jedediah!!

So first of all just so you know that critter kids and nature is my biggest thing, once you get to know me you see that real quick. 🙂

My favorite thing to say is IF ITS NOT FUN ITS NOT WORTH IT!! Now I Know everything is not always fun but in my life I’ve always tried to base my plans around fun and happiness!

Most of my life I have found happiness the most is with little people and critters or just kids 🙂 they both are kids to me little people and critters.

I know now that life would be really boring and sad with out these two in it. They both have made my life what it is today and how happy and fun things are when there around.

I thank the heavens everyday for my lucky chance to be here to enjoy what life has to offer if you don’t take time to notice it won’t be there for you to be apart of.

All my life i’ve had the chance to help raise a bunch of kids and critters that have came into my life.

Most have had problems with Family or Drugs and school,  No mom and dad no friends and kind of just quite or sad. That’s where i come in!

And all my little critters they come and go in my life, and most have the same problems as kids 🙂

Thing is they cant talk so life is a lot harder for them and i have been able to understand them on another level.

So my passion has become to help and love these little guys kids and critters that is ):}

And so here I am ready and willing to help others make that BIG step! To thinking outside of the box and find there passion in life!

Start a new life for them self instead of just making some one else rich……

There are so many people in a dead end jobs and don’t know there’s another way.

They have learned to go to school got a good job get married have kids and die.

Well that’s not cool and fair! Everyone deserves a chance in life to have the things they dream about!

Follow your dreams there real and are waiting for you! Find your passion and make it thrive!

Don’t wait forever its never to late to begin your new life.

If you do something every day that you love to do you will never work another day in your life.


Jedediah D  Bennett


P.S Its A Jungle Out There!!!

See you on the inside!

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